One reason we chose to name our organization “Abundant Earth” is because the Earth is always replenishing itself. Specifically, as organic matter decays — including food scraps — it creates fertile compost and soil from which we can grow more food. This fundamental fact of life is why we believe the end of hunger is within reach.

One revenue stream for our work is collecting and composting food waste. By feeding food waste into our composting system, we can produce EXCELLENT fertilizers to support our gardens and the work of local farmers who are providing food for their neighborhoods.

Hey, you’ve got food waste. We want it. And we’d like to discuss with you how we can lower your food waste bill — while helping to replenish the earth, support community farmers and help fight poverty and hunger. Please take just a few minutes to complete the following survey. Once submitted, a representative will follow up with you to discuss the possibilities!

Thanks in advance for participating!

The Abundant Earth Team