Ester B Moore Executive Director

Part of the team since August 5, 2016

Since childhood, Ester B. Moore has been a servant in her community. She went everywhere with her mother, a minister, activist and community leader. This is when Ester began to cultivate her own love for community. Ester was first recognized for her dedication, by the Cobb County NAACP who awarded her with the Youth Service Award, at the age of 12. Thru the years she continued to volunteer thru organizations like the United Way of Atlanta, the Atlanta Humane Society, and her church.

Although she loved giving back to the community, Ester chose a career in business management. She has been privileged to work for forward-thinking, socially-minded companies in Atlanta, New York and Washington, DC. In 2015 Ester moved to Memphis to be closer to her sick mother; And what was meant to be a temporary move became permanent when she met her partner, Lee Eric Smith. Now the two are proud parents of two year old Lee Eric II. While on maternity leave Ester (with Lee Eric) made 2 major decisions: 1) to become a stay-at-home mom 2) start a nonprofit to end poverty in our lifetime. The latter is called Abundant Earth Global CDC.

Incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in Tennessee in 2016, Abundant Earth’s mission is to end poverty, in our lifetime with the abundance that Earth provides. They’ve focused food security, housing equity, waste-to-energy recycling and community education to help stabilize and regenerate communities at a hyper-local level. And now they have a 4000sqft building to headquarter their efforts and 1.2 acres of farmland. As they prepare the land for a fall crop and farmers’ market their team is also fundraising to get the roof fixed and outfitted with solar panels. When AE gets a new roof the community gets a new resource. They have a campaign to help in the effort to open the C.R.U.X. center in time for the July 4th community cookout.

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